David Palmer


David Palmer attended the Newhouse School for film at Syracuse University. Palmer's directing career launched with hit music videos for Nelly,  Lil Wayne, The Dandy Warhols, Mary J. Blige & Ja Rule to name a few.

His stylized storytelling ability as a director has shaped the landscape of the visual arts to span across music videos, commercials, documentary feature films and theatrical motion pictures.

Palmer lept into scripted feature films collaborating with Dax Shepard on the satirical mockumentary Brother's Justice; a comedic parody about Shepard making a decision to leave comedy to pursue his dream of becoming an international Martial Arts star at any cost. Tribeca Films released the film in April of 2011.  A year later, Palmer and Shepard teamed up again for the romantic action comedy Hit & Run starring Shepard, Kristen Bell, Bradley Cooper, Kristin Chenoweth and Beau Bridges.

Palmer has been traveling the world for Microsoft, a role which he has taken on since 2014 as the director of a series of highly praised global docs-storytelling commercials for the Microsoft Brand and more recently, the Microsoft Cloud via ad agency Blk-Ops.  Palmer’s aspirational campaigns have taken him to Myanmar, London, Rio, Uganda, Namibia and most recently, Kenya.

His most recent work includes continued campaigns for Microsoft, Absolut Vodka and Josh Cellars Wines.