Thayer Allyson Gowdy

thayer bio pic

Thayer has been splitting her time between Bolinas, a hippy surf town on the cliffs over the Pacific, and San Francisco for the past few years. A Connecticut native who moved West, she finds inspiration in the western landscape in the far reaches of Northern California, taking polaroids of its every nook and seeking out hot springs and the pink fog at sunset.

She shoots and directs for the likes of Apple, Target, and Levis.  Her work is inspired by sincerity and playfulness.  Capturing fun, beauty and happiness in the everyday. 

Thayer’s lifestyle work celebrates the real stories of those who find themselves in front of her lens. She is a master of stop motion. Her energy when shooting is always open, fun & caring. She’s adaptable and always filled with easy going charm. 

Recent campaigns include Kodak and Ziploc with Energy BBDO.